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Quality Strategy

The very basis of any multi-language project – particularly when those involved are spread through a three-dimensional mix of countries, cultures and customs – is CONFIDENCE. Confidence that the quality of the output will be of the same high standard from each and every member. Confidence that we – and our clients – can rely on one another: no late delivery, slipshod work, or unchecked, unrevised translation.

Eupharia members’ common quality strategy has EXCELLENCE at its focus, RELIABILITY at its foundation and CONFIDENCE as its end result.

To achieve that goal we continuously improve both the skills and the knowledge of our administrative staff and our in-house and freelance translators.

We strive to stay not only up to date but ahead of our competitors, with state-of-the-art technology in translation tools, terminology management, desktop publishing, connectivity and project management.

Eupharia members with quality certification

Amidas , Slovenia:
ISO 9001
MEDIA MARKET, Czech Republic:
ISO 9001, ISO 17100
Németh & Pásztor, Hungary:
ISO 9001, EN 15038
Euronet, Wales (UK):
certificated BS5750 quality auditor (consultant)

Quality certification is a formal recognition of performance which not all Eupharia members seek to have. But all, without exception, strictly adhere to the Consortium’s Guide to Good Translation Practice, which is as much a part of our formal documentation as our Memorandum of Association.