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Eupharia clients

  • TAIEX, through ibf (responsible for the translation, printing and distribution of the Commission’s Opinions and Consolidated Summary on the applications of the 10 Candidate Countries)
  • MEDE (the translation, printing and distribution of the Consensus Programme Consultants’ Handbook into 15 CEE languages + French and Russian).

Framework contracts awarded to Eupharia

  • English into Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak and Slovene for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (medical texts)
  • English into Turkish for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (medical texts)
  • English, French and German into Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Slovene for the European Commission’s Translation Service
  • English into Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian and Lithuanian for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union

The project manager for all Eupharia framework contracts is Euronet.

Major projects of Eupharia’s members

Below you find examples of the major projects that the Eupharia members dealt with – for a more complete list of references please visit the members’ individual websites.


  • Member of SAP PartnerEdge program
  • Sport equipment translations for Decathlon
  • Manuals and corporate documents for Canon
  • Czech Telecommunications Office - Contract No.: CZ2000/IB/ET/01-P.S.I./2: TRANSLATION / INTERPRETATION SERVICE - English, Spanish, Czech. Duration: 2 years
  • “Promotion of Racial and Ethnic Equality“ Twinning Project in the Czech Republic, Ref. No. CZ2000/IB/OT/01 - translations – English, German, Czech
  • Translation of various operating manuals for the Ministry of Defence in the area of aerospace and vehicles
  • Translation of user interface and web pages for leading manufacturers of consumer electronics
  • HR/marketing documents and corporate magazines for multinational players
  • Translation of important legal documents for both the commercial and state/EU sectors
  • Regular supplier of translations to the Czech Government
  • Contractual partner for the European Commission

Certified quality ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015


  • Arcelor SA – translation of Arbed News and Arbed Annual Reports
  • International Confederation of Midwives – translation of Constitution, Bye-laws and papers for triennial conferences
  • Lloyds TSB Bank plc – Annual Reports and Accounts
  • Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) – over 2,500 pages
  • Paul Wurth – translation of Annual Reports
  • The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union – over 7,000 pages
  • The Translation Service of the European Commission – over 1,100 pages

Certificated quality auditor (consultant) for BS5750 / ISO9000 / EN29000

Estonian/OÜ LINGO

  • Business plans, contracts, sales literature and other business documents, e.g. Ruukki Products (Rautaruukki Group), Tootsi Turvas (Vapo Group), Waste Management Centre etc.
  • Legal translations for court institutions
  • Technical documentation for Ruukki Products, Tootsi Turvas, Stora Enso Timber etc.
  • User's Manuals (ESAB, NIBE, Stiga, Alpine etc.)
  • Safety data sheets for chemicals
  • PHARE projects on heat and power co-generation (both documents and seminars)
  • EU ECOS-OUVERTURE project on internationalisation of SMEs
  • Web pages, brochures and menus for local hotels, spas, guest houses, restaurants etc.

Hungarian/Németh & Pásztor International

  • Translation of tens of thousands of pages of legislation (EU into Hungarian, Hungarian into English, German and French)
  • Training manuals AETR/ADR under a PHARE twinning project
  • Translation of annual reports for banks and major companies
  • Translation of privatisation tenders (banks, telecom company, public utilities, etc.)
  • User manuals, product specifications (mobile phones, the new Opel Vectra, rear view mirrors, etc.)
  • Translation of a 4000-page manual on drug prevention
  • Pharmaceutical marketing authorization application documentation (Summary of Product Characteristics, Labelling, Patient Information Leaflets, according to the latest QRD/EMEA templates)
  • Translation of various websites (Zwack Unicum, BONA, etc.)

Németh & Pásztor: ISO 9001:2001 and EN 15038 certified

Lithuanian/Vyja UAB

  • User‘s Manuals /BP 249 Z. I. ANCENIS CEDEX – FRANCE/ - 1200 pages from English into Lithuanian in the area of machinery
  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania – "Review of the Economic and Social Situation in the Republic of Lithuania in 2003“ – 200 pages from Lithuanian into English "Business Plan for Establishment of a Wing and New Units of the Medical Diagnostics Center“ – 300 pages from Lithuanian into English
  • "Description of Target Variables for Income and Living Conditions Survey“ – 300 pages from English into Lithuanian


  • Translation of EU directives funded by EU (motor vehicles, chemicals, environment, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals)
  • Energy-specific translation for various clients (Energy Regulatory Commission, NARUC, USEA, EVN Macedonia - Distribution company)
  • "European Governance" white paper of the European Commission
  • Handbook EU Trainer Programme by Institute for European Politics - Berlin
  • "International Agreements" by Dragan Tumanovski (Supreme Court Judge
  • "Nurses in Action" by Jane Salvage (WHO sponsored)
  • "Global AIDS Programme; HIV prevention - Teaching Modules for Nurses and Midwives"(sponsored by WHO)
  • "Environmental Action Plan for Central and Eastern Europe (Lucerne Conference - sponsored by REC-Budapest)
  • "Environmental Problems and Economic Instruments" and "Regulatory and Institutional Reform" (NEAP project for the Republic of Macedonia, commissioned by World Resource Institute - Washington sponsored by USAID)
  • "Our Human Rights" by Julie Mertus (NGO handbook sponsored by USAID)
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services provided on various workshops, seminars, conferences

Polish/Translations Dorota Smoczyk

Tlumaczenia Dorota Smoczyk was founded in 1996. It took part in many translation and interpretation projects before becoming dormant for a period of years.

After personal changes, it restarted its activity in August 2005. During the relatively short period since then it has completed dozens of translation projects.

The company specializes in technical and industrial translations. The scope of translations includes instruction manuals, technical and commercial documentation, business correspondence, economic and marketing translations.

  • Translation of a book concerning GPS navigation devices – 200 pages.
  • Manuals and instructions for the assembly of various water heaters – ca. 100 pages.
  • Translations of documents for EU Institutions – ca. 350 pages.
  • Report on employment in Poland, divided into sections - 16 Polish provinces.
  • Translation of technical information about electro-technical products, electronic bells and gongs into 18 languages – 900 pages.
  • Others translations:
    • documents and articles on ergonomics and H&S for a Polish H&S periodical;
    • instruction manuals of computer hardware (mice, speakers, keyboards);
    • texts on steel architecture;
    • software for design of home interiors and furniture;
    • specialist translations in the printing field;
    • catalogues of products for the producer of glues, silicones, joints, various chemical products for the building industry;
    • an instruction manual of microwave instruments for measuring density and moisture – 50 pages;
    • insurances – investment funds and documents on accountancy policies.
  • Current translation service for many companies both in Poland and abroad.


  • European Commission DG for Education and Culture – Lifelong Learning Programme Guide 2009-2013, Translation and revision from English into Romanian (9,690 words)
  • International Bertelsmann Forum 2004 – ”Europe: Moving towards a new Era”, Translation from English into Romanian (10,300 words)
  • The Ministry of European Integration, Romania – Translation and Revision of the Acquis Communautaire (270,000 words)
  • PHARE programme RO 9803.01, Improvement of the Roma Situation in Romania, Translation Services (125,000 words)
  • PHARE Project RO 9706.01.03 – Training in European Affairs, Component C – Translation Services (180,000 words)
  • Ministry of National Education – Documents of the Conference of the European Ministers of Education, (240,000 words)
  • The Reader’s Guide to the NATO Summit in Washington, April 1999, Translation English into Romanian, (150,000 words)
  • Review of National Policies for Education: Romanian Copyright OECD


We have years of experience in the translation and localization in the following fields:

  • mobile telephony - user interfaces, manuals etc. (Samsung)
  • IT localization (Lexmark, Samsung)
  • automotive industry (manuals and marketing materials for Volvo)
  • technology (John Deere)
  • legal and financial (Abanka, NLB Group)
  • marketing, food and nutrition (Atlantic Grupa)


  • Over our 12-year existence, we have provided a wide range of interpreting and translation solutions in a variety of specialised fields: agriculture, automobile technology, banking, chemicals and petrochemicals, economics and business, electrotechnics, European integration, finance, geology, insurance, the judiciary, law, management, marketing, medicine, mechanical engineering, pharmacology, politics, railways, social welfare, tax issues, telecommunications, trade unions, transport, welding, wood processing, and other areas.
  • We are proud to have provided the following solutions:
    - simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at many events concerned with the legal system of the European Union, the implementation of European legislation, the approximation of laws, the Schengen Agreement, and the application of Council of Europe treaties, at meetings of the SR-EU Association Council and at major, specialised, international congresses,conferences, seminars, and workshops;
    - the translation of many important legal texts, including documents for the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, reports on Slovakia's fulfilment of obligations stemming from various UN treaties, Slovakia's negotiating positions during the EU accession process, documents concerned with the judiciary and judicial reform in Slovakia, and the texts of laws for the Delegation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic;
    - the translation of European guidelines and directives, such as the two-volume document, 'The Most Important EU Instruments in the Area of Social Protection' under the PHARE programme (which received an Honourable Mention from the Slovak Literary Fund in 1999 in the category of best specialist translation), along with reports on Slovakia's progress towards EU accession and economic surveys of the Slovak Republic for the OECD;
    - the translation of tender documents concerning the privatisation of large Slovak companies and the obtainment of licences, public tender applications, and a range of technical documents and manuals.
  • Translation and interpretation services for the Excellent University project in co-operation with Komenius University Bratislava
  • Translation of consumer communication materials, tender packages and bids, technical documentation for plethora of companies such as Sony Ericsson, Skanska, Vinci, Yamaha, Orange, Blum, Schachermayer, Kapsch, ICI, IBM, Sandvik, Allianz, mBanka, Citigroup.


  • Translation of over 30 000 pages of European legislation
  • Localisation of Microsoft Windows XP, Office 2000, Office Online, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Media Player 9 and 10
  • Translation of documentation and localisation of user interphases for mobile phones (Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson)
  • Pharmaceutical marketing authorization application documentation (Summary of Product Characteristics, Labelling, Patient Information Leaflets, according to the latest QRD/EMEA templates)
  • Multi-language translation project into 19 languages of a patented system of rear view mirrors.


A plethora of translations for firms such as

  • Roche, Germany
  • Amdocs, Israel
  • Medtronic, U.S.
  • Over 1000 pages of EU Acquis into Turkish

All members (with the exception of Euronet) participated in the translation of EU legislation into their own languages - the biggest challenge ever facing the translation profession in the countries acceding to the European Union.